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Proposed papers to the III International Congress of Collective housing are organized according to five themes (sub-themes are approximate):

Normative and management.

  • Influence of normative in the housing process
  • Innovations from urban regulations
  • Alternative management systems in the production and tenure of collective housing
  • Innovation in tenancy or occupation
  • Participation and self-management by users: inhabitants, cooperatives, non-governmental organizations, other groups, etc.

Historical reviews.

  • Theory and history of collective housing
  • Analysis of collective housing project: historical and contemporary
  • Analysis of domestic spaces (new plant or transformations)

Projects – typologies.

  • Typology and flexibility
  • Influence of gender roles in typologies and vice-versa
  • Innovation from the typological unit
  • Diversity of housing programs

Indicators for collective housing assessment.

  • Evaluation of certifications; measurement systems for collective housing; post-occupancy assessments
  • The concept of sustainability in collective housing
  • Appropriate technological alternatives
  • Complex indicators for measuring the quality of housing

Rehabilitation of neighborhoods.

  • From exclusion to urban inclusion: public policies, management and planning
  • Intervention in self-produced neighborhoods: from the unit to the whole
  • Energy rehabilitation
  • Typological rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation of deteriorated neighborhoods or regions